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Electronic End-Users

Heavy Equipment End-Users

Other End-Users

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Kind of Services


  • Argentum (Ag) Silver Plating
    1 unit
  • Nickel Plating
    1 unit
  • Copper Plating
    1 unit
  • Electroless Nickel Plating
    1 unit
  • Acid Zinc Plating
    6 units
  • Alkaline Zinc Plating
    1 unit
  • Zinc Nickel Plating
    1 unit
  • Zinc Die Cast Plating
    1 unit
  • Zinc Iron Plating
    1 unit
  • Tin Plating
    1 unit
  • Brass Plating
    1 unit
  • Black Oxide
    1 unit


  • Alkaline Rack Plating
    2 units
  • Acid Rack Plating
    1 unit
  • Zinc Nickel Rack Plating
    1 unit


  • Automatic in line chromating
    3 units
  • Automatic off line chromating
    2 units
  • Semi automatic in line chromating
    2 units
  • Semi automatic off line chromating
    1 unit


  • Automatic Baking Conveyor
    2 units
  • Batch type Baking
    2 units
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Established in June 1st 1994 at Mr. Hotman's house garage in Tangerang; PT. Hotmal Jaya Perkasa is continuously growing and become one of the pioneer of electroplating industry which also take part to support the growth of automotive industry in Indonesia by providing global standard quality and sustainable improvement in terms of technology and Human Resources.

Company Timeline

Hotmal Jaya Perkasa Company Timeline 

"Kaizen" is being the principle that PT Hotmal Jaya Perkasa applies and always becoming the spirit behind every action or improvement taken by the company. PT Hotmal Jaya Perkasa always pushing their best in order to reach the KPI given by the management that further will boost the company's Q-C-D-S-M on customer's point of view.



Our goal is to become the best electroplating company that is able to represent Indonesia, worldwide.


Becoming the best electroplating company in Indonesia that acquires customer's quality standard. This is implemented by doing continuous improvement on technological aspect as well as investment on human resources and enviromental sustainability based production proces.

Awards & Certifications


Head Office

  • Jl. Raya Bugel No. 10A, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
  • Phone +62 21 558 3408 / 557 71855
  • Fax +62 21 557 94944

Branch Office

  • Kp. Rawa Julang, Ds. Mekar Wangi, Cibitung, Bekasi (Next to MM 2100)
  • Phone +62 21 826 04982
  • Fax +62 21 826 04983
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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